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When you are looking to get your message in front of elected officials in New Jersey who can really make a difference, legislative expertise, substantive knowledge of your issue and insider experience are a solid basis for success. You want a lobbying organization with a track record of proven success. You want an effective and well-trained advocate who understands insider politics in New Jersey. You want someone with compassion for your cause, the tireless resolve to get your message across and a strong legislative background that will open doors.

You want Valerie Brown, Esq.

Ms. Brown’s legislative career began more than two decades ago inside the New Jersey State House. She prides herself on being able to work on both sides of the aisle — with all legislators and their staffs. As a key non-partisan staffer with the Office of Legislative Services, Ms. Brown developed extensive and close bipartisan relationships throughout Trenton. Her ability to compromise and effectively communicate with everyone has yielded great success in her lobbying efforts; she has direct access to lawmakers and government officials. Ms. Brown can open doors to go-to officials who can breathe life into your organization’s vision. You can rely on Ms. Brown, as so many other organizations in New Jersey have done, to help you achieve your goals.

Strategic Communication Services is Critical to Developing an Effective Messaging Campaign

First things first: in order to be successful, there needs to be a well-thought-out understanding of your organization and its strategic goals. If a key member of your group doesn’t agree with those goals, Ms. Brown can help you achieve that necessary consensus. Ms. Brown starts at the beginning because she knows that a strong foundation is critical to an organization’s long-term success. As such, she designs and leads strategy sessions to help you clarify your policy objectives.

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Your Issues Matter

Are you seeking to gain greater public visibility on an issue of vital importance but uncertain about how to focus and deliver your message to decision-makers and to the public?

Legislative Action

Do you find the legislative process mind
boggling, complex and unpredictable
and yet have critical objectives that require
legislative or regulatory action?

Change NJ Laws

Do you want to achieve a change to New Jersey
law, court rule or regulation but not sure where or
how to begin and lack connections with key
decision-makers to achieve your goals?

Nonprofit Management

Do you want to grow membership in
your small or mid-sized nonprofit but
don't have the time, skill or interest to
manage this?

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