Your Issues Matter

Are you seeking to gain greater public visibility on an issue of vital importance but uncertain about how to
focus and deliver your message to decision-makers and to the public?

Legislative Action

Do you find the legislative process mind
boggling, complex and unpredictable
and yet have critical objectives that require
legislative or regulatory action?

Change NJ Laws

Do you want to achieve a change to New Jersey
law, court rule or regulation but not sure where or
how to begin and lack connections with key
decision-makers to achieve your goals?

Nonprofit Management

Do you want to grow membership in
your small or mid-sized nonprofit but
don't have the time, skill or interest to
manage this?

Valerie Brown, with Assembly Republican Conference Leader David P. Rible and Attorney, Linda Piff
Valerie Brown with Democrat Senator Nellie Pou, Senate Judiciary Committee Member

Why Choose Valerie Brown Esq. LLC to Lead Your Lobbying Efforts?

Effective Communication, Understanding of Complex Policies and the Ability to Balance Interests

Working with elected officials can be a complicated, frustrating process for an organization with specific goals and a modest budget. When you hire Ms. Brown to lobby your position, you will be able to rest assured that you are working with a pro. Ms. Brown has the knowledge needed to balance multiple and competing interests, as well as legislative and regulatory complexities and the various legislators’ myriad political concern. Ms. Brown will put your organization’s policy goals first, making sure your message is communicated loudly and clearly to those who need to hear it.

Ms. Brown’s follow-up is tenacious and, quite frankly, essential in a noisy political arena like New Jersey. Put Ms. Brown’s efforts to work for your organization and you’ll save time and money knowing that the message is being heard by the right decision-makers.

“Valerie Brown has shown her diligent and effective abilities in moving a bill through the legislature. She has sought out those who would be effective sponsors and at each step of the way explained the intent and the outcome sought. She is gracious, hardworking, and widely respected.

—Anna Maria Pittella, Esquire, Red Bank, NJ

How Do You Select the Right Lobbyist for Your Organization? Choose Someone with Insider Legislative Connections, Skilled Expertise & Bipartisan Direct Access

Let’s face it: time is money. Before you hire a professional to advocate with New Jersey legislators on your organization’s behalf, it’s important to consider your non-profit’s mission and goals. There are plenty of people who call themselves lobbyists. It’s critical to your success that you choose a lobbyist who can easily understand your goals and will perfect your organization’s message in a way that can be efficiently and effectively communicated to those who can help you make a difference.

Office of the Governor, State House, Trenton

Ms. Brown offers her clients a rare combination of
professional experience and expertise:

  • Attorney-at-Law, Licensed in NJ and PA
  • Nationally Recognized and Award-winning Registered Lobbyist
  • New Jersey Supreme Court Trained Mediator
  • Trained in Collaborative Law
  • Master’s Degree in Political Science
  • Author of New Jersey Institute of Continuing Legal Education’s Lobbying for Lawyers
  • More than 20 Years’ Experience as a Nonprofit Executive and in Association Management
  • Mindfulness Practitioner Since 1995

Get Your Message Heard: Choose a Lobbyist with the Rights Contacts & Skills

From left, Valerie Brown with Karen Sampson, Esq., Deputy Republican Leader, Sen. Diane Allen, Member Women’s Caucus, and Marybeth Baron, Esq.

In a typical two-year New Jersey Legislative Session, nearly 10,000 bills are introduced. Did you know that less than five percent of those bills are enacted into law? The truth is, so very few receive legislative action of any kind. To make sure your issue stands out in the sea of noise New Jersey lawmakers face each session, you need to choose a lobbyist, like Valerie Brown, who has the right contacts and right skills.

“Valerie has knowledge of every aspect of getting our collaborative law passed, including organizing us, targeting the right politicians in the right way, at the right time, knowing what challenges could affect us, and how to get past them….”

—John Caroli, CFP, Bernard Caroli Wealth Management, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Put Valerie Brown’s Legislative and Legal Expertise to Work for Your Organization

Valerie served as Legislative Counsel for the New Jersey Bar Association for nearly 20 years. She also served as chief lobbyist for New Jersey’s Legal Aid Society. She has deep roots in law and progressive public policy. Lawmakers trust Ms. Brown’s diverse expertise. From aviation law to Workers’ Compensation, she deeply understands the law.

“I have known and worked with Valerie for many years and have always known her to be a true professional; her hard work and dedication are unparalleled. Valerie’s ability to work with everyone across ideological lines makes her a great asset to any organization.”

—Senator Peter Barnes, Edison, NJ

Valerie Brown with David Salvaggio, Esq. and Democrat Sen. Shirley Turner, Member of the Black Caucus

Valerie Brown, Esq. is Bipartisan and Multicultural

Black and Latino legislators make up roughly one quarter of the New Jersey State Legislature. They chair many of the most influential legislative committees and hold critical leadership positions. Valerie Brown, Esquire, LLC is one of the few minority-owned lobbying firms in Trenton. Clients experience the difference.

It’s more than simply knowledge; Valerie Brown offers Mindful and Effective Action

Valerie Brown with Jon Kabat-Zinn, 12th Annual Scientific Conference on Mindfulness, Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care,, and Society, Norwood, MA

Mindfulness, the non-judgmental awareness of the present moment, is a critical element of effective communication. Likewise, laser-sharp focus on content and message is an important ingredient of a winning strategy. When you hire Valerie Brown, Esq., you can be assured that every detail of your campaign will be managed with focused attention. Ms. Brown wants you to do what you do best; she will be your voice with legislators. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your issue is in the right hands.

When it Comes to NJ Politics, It’s All About Who You Know

Valerie Brown with Democrat Asw. Marlene Caride, Member Latino Caucus

“I have worked with Valerie Brown extensively serving the State of New Jersey for Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan. Her vast experience in the nuance of New Jersey legislative milieu have been a great mutual benefit to our work together. Valerie exhibits a blend of relationships, political understanding and public policy depth that is rare in the State House.”
-Thomas Lynch
Chief of Staff, Asm. Patrick Diegnan, Assembly Deputy Speaker/Parliamentarian

Elected officials are the decision-makers in New Jersey. However, legislative staffers should never be underestimated. They are trusted advisors to our governmental leaders and they are highly influential in swaying legislative opinion. They craft legislative recommendations that affect your ability to persuade lawmakers. Ms. Brown works closely in a non-partisan manner with Legislative staffs for more than 20 years. She has proudly built trusting, long-lasting relationships.

Valerie Brown with Patrick Brannigan, Executive Director, NJ Catholic Conference and Marie Tasy, Executive Director, NJ Right to Life

It’s true in life and in politics: There’s strength in numbers.

The art of building coalitions requires bringing together diverse groups with common interests and goals. Ms. Brown’s breath of experience gives you the opportunity to reach like-minded organizations that support your issue.