Your Issues Matter

Are you seeking to gain greater public visibility on an issue of vital importance but uncertain about how to
focus and deliver your message to decision-makers and to the public?

Legislative Action

Do you find the legislative process mind
boggling, complex and unpredictable
and yet have critical objectives that require
legislative or regulatory action?

Change NJ Laws

Do you want to achieve a change to New Jersey
law, court rule or regulation but not sure where or
how to begin and lack connections with key
decision-makers to achieve your goals?

Nonprofit Management

Do you want to grow membership in
your small or mid-sized nonprofit but
don't have the time, skill or interest to
manage this?

Your Government Relations Partner in Trenton Serving….

  • Small- and mid-sized nonprofits
  • Law firms
  • Trade associations
  • Educational organizations and institutions

Valerie Brown, Esquire, LLC Offers the Following Services

Lobbying Services Aimed at Helping You Achieve Your Legislative and Regulatory Goals

Valerie Brown helps you think strategically about your goals while identifying the best options for reaching them. She will help you connect with your key audience effectively and efficiently. The firm’s main avenues for doing so are:

Legislative Advice & Counsel

Valerie Brown (at center), testifying before the New Jersey Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee

Ms. Brown understands how your objectives fit within the broader government context and helps you set realistic, achievable goals.

“The New Jersey Council of Collaborative Practice Groups decided to try to get the State Legislature to promulgate a version of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act, which had already been passed in several other States. We undertook a comprehensive search for the right lobbyist to spearhead that effort and guide us through the process, which we knew would be difficult because of the multitude of proposed legislation that is proposed but never enacted. The Council retained Valerie, who was by far the most impressive candidate.

We have not been disappointed. Valerie has an astute sense of the political process and exactly what is needed to get things done. She has provided us with realistic expectations and has worked tirelessly with us every step of the way. As a result of her efforts, we are well on the way to the passage of the New Jersey Family Collaborative Law Act!”

—David Salvaggio, Esquire, Morristown, NJ

Policy Analysis

Ms. Brown analyzes complex policy issues, identifies key areas of interest and then distills important information into an understandable and usable form. When information is easy for lawmakers to digest, it’s far easier to sway opinion.


Valerie Brown, Testifying Before the Assembly Judiciary Committee

Ms. Brown works closely with key decision makers at all levels of government.  She acts as liaison to ensure that your organization’s message is communicated in the most effective manner through oral and written public testimony, written press releases and strategic relationships with like-minded allies.

Legislative Monitoring and Bill Tracking

Knowing when and how movement occurs in the legislative process is instrumental to implementing a successful legislative or regulatory campaign. There is no substitute for effective tracking and monitoring of legislation and regulation. Ms. Brown provides timely information through written status reports and in-person and telephone meetings. This well-planned effort keeps you fully and timely updated with need-to-know information and allows you to quickly modify strategy in a changing political or policy landscape.

Association Management Services Assist with Increasing Membership & Fundraising

Whether your organization wants to increase membership, review bylaws, gain visibility, plan major events, manage crisis communications, build coalitions or engage in fundraising, Ms. Brown will manage the complex details of operating your nonprofit, freeing your time to be more productive.

Strategic Communication Services is Critical to Developing an Effective Messaging Campaign

Valerie Brown with NJ Council of Collaborative Practice Groups

Valerie Brown makes sure you’re getting the right message to the right audience — whether it’s a meeting with an editorial board, pitching reporters on your perspective, crafting an elevator speech for a potential funder or a decision-maker, planning a press conference for the mainstream or local media or developing a social media campaign.

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